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Welcome to PracticingFlutist.com! My name is Deanna Mathews Kilbourne.  I  live, practice, teach, conduct, perform, and write in St Petersburg, FL. My endless fascination with music and the flute comes from the fact that there is always something new to learn.

PracticingFlutist.com is so named because the practice room is where most musical activity takes place and all flutists, regardless of their skill or talent, are “practicing flutists” more than anything else. This site is dedicated to making your practicing more effective and your playing easier and more enjoyable.

I’m always interested to hear about the challenges other people face in their playing, so please write and tell me what practicing problems you are struggling with and want to find out more about. You can contact me at deanna@practicingflutist.com.

If you want help solving your practice and/or playing problems, take a look at my Flute Lessons page for more information on taking lessons with me.

Happy Practicing!



One thought on “About PracticingFlutist.com

  1. Hi, Deanna, I remember what a great student you were in Yates City.
    I’d love to be able to sit down for a long talk about you.
    Do you ever get back to this area?
    If you do, please call me.
    Marilyn Garrett 309-358-1430

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