Emmanuel Pahud plays Berio and some Bach

An excellent musician must be able to play music from many genres and styles. Emmanuel Pahud demonstrates his mastery of the flute and of one of the classics of the flute repertoire in this video of a performance of Luciano Berio’s Sequenza I for solo flute.


To hear Pahud playing something more conventional, listen to his recording of a Bach standard, the Corrente from the Partita.

These examples only go to show that when it comes to the study of music, there is always more to explore and learn. You should never be bored when there are so many different styles to indulge in and conquer!

Greg Pattillo brings “Bach to the future”

Sorry for the terrible pun, but it fits! If you like what you hear in this video and want to try it yourself, Pattillo has transcribed this version of a Bach flute staple as one of 4 beat-box etudes. Who ever thought they would hear those two terms in the same sentence, beat-box and etudes? It is a mad, mad, wonderful world of music that we live in!

Wouter Kellerman, wow!

Sorry to be just posting links to what other flutists are doing rather than writing pithy, insightful posts all the time, but this guy just blows me away. He is a wonderful example of a complete musician, he has amazing technique, terrific creativity, and wonderfully engaging musicianship. Since I first heard about him earlier this year he has become one of my favorite flutists to listen to. And this video gives you a close up view of effortless technique, especially when he is performing so many different articulations. It is inspirational and instructive at the same time.

Happy Fluting!