A Little Birthday Inspiration

One of the really nice things about FaceBook is that when it’s your birthday, you get all kinds of fun birthday greetings. One of the best I received is this musical birthday greeting from flutist Mina Ghobrial. It is amazing!

I was not only touched because it was my birthday, I was very impressed by his playing. He reminded me of what really good playing can sound like. Have you ever had the experience of hearing a great performance, being really inspired and then playing the heck out of a piece the next time you pick up your instrument? For a brief time your playing is infused with greater presence, more effective expressiveness, and all-round brilliance.

Alas, these moments pass. But we are left with new goals to reach toward, new standards to adopt. Without exposure to examples of great playing, it is easy to forget just how good good can be, and to neglect to strive toward that greatness. So thank you, Mina, that was a great birthday gift indeed!

New Flute Goddess

I’ve read about Jasmine Choi, but this week is the first time I’ve listened to her play. Turns out she has several videos on YouTube in which she plays everything from JS Bach to Ian Clarke. I had gotten the idea that she is seriously good, but I had no idea she was this good. She has terrific command of her instrument and really presents all the musical gestures and nuances, creating engaging, inspiring performances. In addition she has been creating her own arrangements for performances. Can’t wait for those to be published!!

Take a look and listen for your self. Then go back to the practice room!