Greg Pattillo brings “Bach to the future”

Sorry for the terrible pun, but it fits! If you like what you hear in this video and want to try it yourself, Pattillo has transcribed this version of a Bach flute staple as one of 4 beat-box etudes. Who ever thought they would hear those two terms in the same sentence, beat-box and etudes? It is a mad, mad, wonderful world of music that we live in!

Welcome to Practicing Flutist!

Hello!  If you have visited the previous incarnation of this site, you may notice that I am changing the format.  This will take a little time, but I hope that once it is done, I will be able to offer regularly updated current issues content as well as useful information about practicing the flute in a format that is hopefully both fun and easy to use.

In the works are weekly tips for practicing, articles on specific flute practice issues like intonation and technique,  announcements and discussions of fun, new flute stuff like recordings, videos, books, etc., all things flute!  Much like it was before, but in a more user-friendly (and author-friendly!) format.

So here are links to the latest “Flute Treat”, the release of flutist extraordinaire Greg Patillo and Project Trio’s newest EP, available for download.  This group really tears it up!