ALRY Music Liquidation

Hey everybody!

Flute ensemble music publisher and distributor ALRY is closing and is liquidating all of their stock. Much of it is 70% percent off! If you play in an ensemble or teach them, this is a great opportunity to add to your library. I am buying an outrageous amount of music to help out with the start of my local choir. The owner, Amy Blumenthal, wants to clear her shelves and asked me to let all my flute friends know, so I’m telling everyone I can. The catalog is online at “” Go check it out, help out Amy and yourself at the same time!

A Flutist’s Education is Never Finished

As I was practicing my daily dose of Moyse exercises (I’m on Day 13 now, more ABCD), I experienced a tremendous feeling of gratitude for the kind of flute education that I have received. While I feel that I have learned many things on my own, and that students (myself included) are largely responsible for what they learn, I felt very grateful for the lessons my teachers taught me and for the many things I have learned.

For some time now, I have been feeling pretty isolated, flute-wise and education-wise. I do not meet too many people who have had the advanced music education that I have. Most people make a lot more money than I do, or are at least employed in their field, but these are all results of choices we each make. Lately I’ve been meeting flutists who would love to have had the teaching that I received, that are craving knowledge that I have been taking for granted. Reading posts on the Flute List regarding Sir James’s Moyse scale challenge have also reinforced this. There are so many people who have not had a teacher that really taught them the basics of how to play the instrument. Those of us who have had an intensive, thorough flute education are very, very lucky.

But, we shouldn’t stop there! I’ve also been reading stories, articles, and posts about flutists that continue their learning every day. Their curiosity and enthusiasm and determination never wane and neither should yours and mine. There is always more that you can do to improve as a musician. You can read about music and musicians, study scores, compose and arrange pieces, listen to recordings, go to performances, etc, etc, not to mention practice!

As a flutist with a day job, I often bemoan the time that I cannot spend on music and the education that is not being exercised and utilized often enough. Today I was able to remember that I am very lucky. I hope I can carry that feeling around for a long while! Now, go practice your scales and see what you can be grateful for!

Sir James’ Scale Challenge

Have you heard about Sir James Galway’s scale practicing challenge? It has been the buzz of his forum for weeks. He has challenged all flutists who are willing to put some serious work in to go through Moyse’s Daily Exercises method book with him. He has pledged to do the practice routine prescribed in the book every day, no matter where he is, and wants others to do the same. Neat, huh?! Can you imagine yourself practicing the same exercises that this legendary flutist is doing every day?

I have to admit that I got so enthusiastic that I jumped the gun and started right away. Turns out that the challenge didn’t get started ’til Sept. 26, but I figure that I might miss a day here and there so I’ll probably finish along with everyone else. These are some pretty rigorous exercises, and if I hadn’t worked through them before, I would probably be pretty intimidated to try it now. You start out with basic scales, then work through ever-widening intervals and iterations of broken chords. It is a terrific workout! I believe that working on the wide intervals is one of the keys to developing a flexible sound that is consistent in all registers.

Copy and paste this link into your browser, it will take you to a video of Sir James demonstrating why and how to practice these scales.

This could be some of the most important practicing you ever do!