Back from the Flute Fair! Amazing!

I’m back home from the 2012 Florida Flute Fair and I think I can say that a good time was had by all. A whole weekend of flute immersion, what a wonderful thing! We are so lucky to have this terrific event here every year.

My presentation, Cyberflute: Navigating the Internet was well-attended and went pretty well. The audience was terrific and it was an enjoyable session. I’ll have to figure out how to make the handouts available for those of you who are interested. The rest of the program was packed with great performances and presentations, including a terrific concert by this year’s headliner Carol Wincenc. She also gave a wonderful session on getting warmed up to play. The attitude of the audience was also quite impressive. At least 95% of the audience participated eagerly. It was an amazing experience to have about 100 flutists all doing the physical exercises and long tones together. We made all kinds of noises and funny faces as we prepared to sing through our flutes, figuratively and literally. I am sure that everyone there benefited from her excellent advice and amazingly positive and encouraging manner. I can’t use the word ‘amazing’ enough!

Here is a link to the program: I can’t wait for next year, if you are nearby next year, you should check it out!

Building the Flute Choir

I’ve been working on organizing and building a new flute choir, the Tampa Bay Flute Choir. Luckily I have a great partner in this venture, Judy. I would never attempt it alone! I’m directing and she’s managing and it has been a great adventure so far.

We’ve got a good start with music after taking advantage of the ALRY liquidation sale. Attracting high quality players is a challenge, need to be more active on that front. We don’t want to sound uppity or snobby, but we do want players who want to and can play challenging music. There are plenty of all-inclusive groups here, but we believe that there is room for a more elite group as well. As conductor, I also don’t want to be in teacher mode all the time, though it is hard not to be!

It really is quite the adventure. Today I found myself looking for books on conducting and wishing I had kept my texts from college. Who knew I would need them all this time later? Anyway I’m loving it and hope everyone else is, too. That is really what matters. I think we’ll put on a good debut concert and be off and running. Then who knows what the future will bring from there? Hopefully good flute music, at least!

Flute Fair Prep

It’s time for the Florida Flute Fair again and I am so behind on preparation for my presentation! I submitted two proposals and of course, they chose the one I made up on the fly over the one I could give in my sleep. My topic is Cyberflute, internet resources for the flutist. Kind of ironic considering how bad I have been about posting! (That will be incorporated, how intermittent some resources such as blogs can be.) I didn’t intend to be a topic in the presentation, but there it is! Any input or ideas you have are welcome, I want to be as comprehensive and interesting as possible.

I am looking forward to a weekend devoted to flute and fluting, learning new things, meeting new people, hearing new music, and shopping for flute stuff. It is such a departure from my daily life of being a flutist with a day job. For 3 days I get to just be a flutist, what a luxury!