Amazing Harmonic and Multiphonic Exercises

I’m doing it again, pointing you away from here to what someone else has done. Of course, when someone else has done something fantastic, there is no reason to keep it to yourself.
I’ve followed Helen Bledsoe’s comments on Flute List with interest, but I had no idea that she had put together such fantastic harmonic and multiphonic exercises. When she commented on this blog I had to check out what she was offering on hers. What I found was information on tone production that is very similar to what I use in my teaching and practicing, but more detailed and all spelled out for you to use in your own practice room. Of course, this means that there is no reason for me to do this in the future, I don’t believe in reinventing perfectly good wheels. So take a look at these exercises and try them out. They are a terrific way to start out the New Year’s practice routine!

Extended Techniques – a Do It Yourself Handout, at

Wouter Kellerman, wow!

Sorry to be just posting links to what other flutists are doing rather than writing pithy, insightful posts all the time, but this guy just blows me away. He is a wonderful example of a complete musician, he has amazing technique, terrific creativity, and wonderfully engaging musicianship. Since I first heard about him earlier this year he has become one of my favorite flutists to listen to. And this video gives you a close up view of effortless technique, especially when he is performing so many different articulations. It is inspirational and instructive at the same time.

Happy Fluting!

Looking for More Music Blogs

I’m always interested in what other musicians are doing to increase and improve their music-related activities. I’ve found some terrific sites and blogs and have added some new ones to my blogroll am looking for more! If you’ve got a blog or site and think you’d like to be added to the list, please contact me through the contact form.

Update on the Book Launch

It has been a week since the launch of my first practice book, Improving Intonation Skills Book I: How to Practice With an Electronic Tuner and it is going great! I want to thank everyone who has bought the book. I can’t wait to hear how it is working out for different people. Thank you also to everyone who has checked out the website and the Buy the Book page. There will be more fun and interesting things coming soon in a new section of PracticingFlutist called the Intonation Store. It will feature all things intonation-related. So until then, keep practicing!

‘How to Practice With an Electronic Tuner’ is Ready!

Improving Intonation Skills Book 1: How to Practice with an Electronic Tuner is ready to go! I delayed launching because the delivery program I was trying to use wasn’t working the way I wanted it to, I can’t tell you how much time I have spent trying to figure out why files aren’t linking or naming or copying the way they are supposed to. I keep thinking that I am just one more try away from having it all perfect, but it isn’t happening. It’s very much like untangling a difficult passage, only harder. Much, much harder.

So I decided to go ahead with a manual delivery system. When you buy the book, I get notification and within 24 hours I will send the book in a PDF file to you via email. Tried to have a program do it automatically, but I’m not skilled enough with the programming issues yet. Besides, this way I can write a thank you note to those who buy the book! A personal touch is better, especially when a venture is just starting out. Those first contacts will help shape what it is to come.

Go to the blog page under the Buy the Book heading above for more information on how to get the book for yourself.

Book 2 will follow in a couple of months. It’s focus will be on improving your ear and becoming independent of the tuner’s meter. The two books together should have the fundamentals of Intonation Practice covered. I’ve tested all the exercises and know they are effective. I hope they will be helpful to everyone who uses them!

Now back to practicing for this week’s Christmas concerts, then on to the next project!