Arts in Letters – Subscription Sidehustle on Etsy

Arts in Letters

Hey there!

In the ever-continuing effort to become an independent music entrepreneur, I’ve started a new Subscription Sidehustle on Etsy that I’m calling Arts in Letters. It is a subscription service, sending out weekly letters written by great musicians, literati, artists, and scientists. Subscriptions can be for a single category or for what I call the Grand SLAM, with each week bringing a letter from a different category, rotating through each in a four week cycle.


As a perpetual student, when researching the lives and works of composers, musicians, and great thinkers in general, I love to read letters they have written. Whether the letters are to friends, colleagues, family, or fans, it provides insight into the thoughts and life of the writer that you just don’t get by reading the words of biographers.

It might seem a little voyeuristic to read Mozart’s letters to his wife, or Handel’s letters to his sister, but think about what you could learn from letters to patrons, publishers, or other composers! What were these great masters enthusiastic about, what did they want to learn more about, what did they enjoy doing, what made them crazy, etc.? Every week subscribers receive a letter written by a different person, a little peek into history. How cool would that be to look forward to?

Of course I enjoy finding these letters and picking out those that I think are both interesting and informative, so this sidehustle is fun for me. And I’m learning a lot! Please check out my Arts in Letters project and let me know what you think about it. Hopefully you’ll think it’s as much fun as I do, or you’ll know someone who does!