Flute Lessons

I offer flute lessons, online and in person, for flutists looking to improve their skills. I find that online lessons are most effective for targeting specific playing issues, so I specialize in helping students improve specific issues, such as intonation, articulation, rhythm, and overall musicality.

Have an audition coming up and want some targeted coaching to get you into prime playing shape? Perhaps there is a specific aspect of your playing that you struggle with and want to focus your efforts on that. Or maybe you need a fresh perspective on an persistent problem.

Let me help you work on these things so you can play the best you can!

I teach online lessons through the Zoom interface. It is easy to use and your lessons are recorded, so you can replay them as you need. I have taken lessons myself using Zoom and am very impressed with how easy it is to use, and how effectively teacher and student can interact.

Here are my current flute lesson offerings:

One-time or occasional 50 minute lesson, $65

Targeted 6 Lesson Series – 6 progressive 50 minute flute lessons focused on one specific aspect of your playing. I will devise a course of action that addresses your individual playing issue. Each lesson will cover at least one different practice technique designed to help you improve on that issue. $450

Targeted 12 Lesson Series – Same as above, but with more time for working together on the prescribed practice techniques. $850

Please contact me at deanna@practicingflutist.com, for scheduling or for more information. Can’t wait to help you to play the best you can!